Our premises are used to help and encourage adults on the Autism Spectrum in gaining communication and socialising skills. This reduces the isolation which is linked to depression and other mental health conditions. We do this by providing a non-judgemental, secure, safe and friendly environment for our members. All are encouraged to take part in arts & crafts, games, computing, joining in with discussions and group days out including meals, theatre and educational events. 

We are a non-profit voluntary group and do our own fundraising. Many of our members join us in this which gives them a sense of ownership and belonging.

We have 25 regular members who attend, some with their carers and some with family members. We also have people who drop-in for information, help and signposting to other relevant services.

The benefit to the local community is a raised awareness of Autism and the challenges that it can bring to the individual and their families. Our group can also take the strain from other local groups where Autism is not their priority and organisations such as the local Health Services. We can “Bridge the Gap” to lessen mental health issues and even to stop problems escalating.

Our members appreciate that they have somewhere to go, someone to turn to and are not alone. The families of these people also become less isolated because they have someone to share their experiences and problems with.

All our volunteers and members come from St. Helens and the surrounding areas. 

“It’s Time People with Autism are seen as People First”