• Many Autistic adults don’t feel like they get the support that they need.
  • Around one third of Autistic adults develop severe mental health problems due to lack of support.*
  • 70% of Autistic adults said that they would feel less isolated if they had more support.*

These are just a few reasons why our society in St Helens, want to help people like you!

Our society provides a safe space for Autistic adults (aged 18 and over). We are always trying to support, help and encourage socialisation, group activities, building confidence and making like-minded friends. We have a judgement-free atmosphere, where everyone is equal.

Some of the things we provide at our society include: arts and crafts, Lego, computers, books, jigsaws, games, computer tablets, days out or just come in for a chat and a cuppa!

We are a non-profit, voluntary organisation, all of our fundraising is done by volunteers. Therefore, we charge a small fee of £2 per day for members. This enables us to pay rent for the premises, to keep the door open to all Autistic adults.

If you would like a drink whilst you're here, we ask for a donation of 50p. For this small donation, you may have unlimited tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soft drinks, bottles of water and a selection of biscuits.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us!

*Retrieved from http://www.autism.org.uk/about/what-is/myths-facts-stats.aspx​​